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DdUX: Design for digital User eXperience

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"Essense (Amsterdam) is an innovation agency helping clients to discover consumer insights and design relevant product innovations that are aligned with their business strategy and brand identity."

For a product or service innovation to be successful, it has to be different from competitor products in a way that is relevant for consumers, it has to be easy to use and high quality for a great customer experience and brand loyalty. To ensure all this, our innovation process has 3 stages:

Insights – Using a broad set of design-research techniques we interact directly with target consumers or workers to gain a deep understanding of their needs and their experiences with your product and brand. This enables us to identify relevant innovation opportunities that fit your business strategy and brand identity.

Design – Actionable insights from the design-research serve as the starting point. From there talented designers explore alternative design solutions, produce design concepts and improve them through multiple iterations. Design concepts are prototyped and validated with users to address potential design flaws and confirm consumer insights are addressed.

Implementation – Once the design is accepted and validated, we specify the product/service experience in detail for commercial realization with continued focus on the original product objectives and insights. During implementation we can work closely with your internal development teams or with our own production partners, whichever suits you best.

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