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DdUX: Design for digital User eXperience

Persoonlijke hulpmiddelen
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TU Eindhoven (user system interaction)

Een internationaal georiënteerde post-graduate opleiding aan de TU Eindhoven.

"The User-System Interaction Design program, or USI for short, supports graduates with a Master’s Degree in the engineering or behavioral sciences (MSc’s and MA’s) to develop themselves into professional designers who realize user-friendly user-system interactions. These user-system interaction professionals are trained in scientific methods and techniques for the design and evaluation of user interfaces of products, services, and systems. Candidates complete their program with the professional degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering"(PDEng). Graduates will also be registered as a Technological Designer in the Dutch register kept by the Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands (KIvI Niria).

The emphasis of the program is on technologically complex systems with high concentrations of information. Examples are computer systems, electronic information services, interactive learning systems, complex consumer electronics products, e-commerce services, and professional measurement and control systems, such as modern control rooms and medical systems. These products, services, and systems have in common that most users are unable to make optimal use of the available functionality, have trouble with accessing the information and don’t perceive all functionality as essential. USI’ s are trained in user-centered design methodologies. They are focussed on preventing user problems and equipped with knowledge to come up with solutions that support users at work or at home with their information, communication and entertainment activities. In short, the USI designer's field of work is the design and development trajectory of user-system interactions for new products, services, and systems.

With this background, such designers become part of multidisciplinary design teams within industry, business services, or government institutions.

The USI design program opts for a user-oriented perspective. The user is at the heart of each product design. Besides technical options, the key concepts in the program are related to information and communication technology, perception and cognition, behavioral sciences, as well as the design methodology of user-centered design.

Perception and cognition are important disciplinary fields of knowledge that provide fundamental insight into the way in which people perceive and solve problems, observe, store, and recall data, process information and which circumstances facilitate these processes. On the basis of such fundamental insights scientifically sound design guidelines and principles can be derived and statistically valid evaluations of products and systems carried out. Design and evaluation are core issues within User-Centered Design."

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