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DdUX: Design for digital User eXperience

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Human Interface Group (usability design certification programme)

"Every company that develops ICT applications or ICT products gets confronted with the importance of usability. Whether it concerns software applications like online banking, web-applications; or highly-technological equipment like portable video players and smart phones, present-day users and consumers take no satisfaction in a products that are not easy to use. After all, usability has become an essential part of the full user experience.

A positive user experience results in happy customers. Happy customers mean profitability for commercial software, and economy of training and support for in-house software.

Today, companies are trying to make their products 'user-friendly' in one way or the other. Mostly by applying usability guidelines they found in literature, on the web, or through courses.

But applying existing rules and guidelines ad hoc is never enough to make a product absolutely 'user-friendly'. To achieve the perfect result usability tasks should be implemented in the full project of developing an ICT application, starting at the analysis phase and ending when the product is released.

Human Interface Group shares its extensive experience and knowledge on how and when to put usability guidelines into practice during the Usability Design Certification Program.

This 4-day program is offered in Dutch and can also be given in-company."

Meer informatie over het programma.

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