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DdUX: Design for digital User eXperience

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Time Management for Headstrong Professionals (DxF '11 workshop)

Een workshop tijdens de Design by Fire 2011 conferentie (Utrecht).

Van 09:00 Tot 18:00
Huize Molenaar (Utrecht)
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Do you regularly spend more hours on your design than you had planned to? Do you experience time pressure at the end of your project, and work overtime to get it done?

Would you like to know what it takes to give a realistic estimate?

In this workshop we investigate what it is that keeps you from lowering the pressure on yourself and being realistic about the amount of time that a project takes. First we look into feelings that could play a role, such as excessive modesty, out of control perfectionism and the inclination to want to be liked. Then you learn practical tricks to improve your estimates and to convince your client to the number of hours that a job will cost. Stand up for your work and its quality.

Caroline Franssen (@coachcaroline) has been coaching people on the cutting edge of personal growth and effectiveness for over 11 years. She began her career as a journalist, did a law degree and worked as a negotiator for the Trade Union Federation for Middle and Higher level Employees. She attended a variety of courses in the area of mind, feeling and intuition. Her humor and directness ensure that you allow her to go to the core of what you need to be able to change.

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