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DdUX: Design for digital User eXperience

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Service Design Symposium

Een tweedaags symposium over het ontwerpen van diensten: Service Design.

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06-03-2008 09:00 tot
07-03-2008 18:00
Kopenhagen (Denemarken)
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Service Design is an emerging field focused on the creation of well thought through experiences using a combination of intangible and tangible mediums. It provides numerous benefits to the end user experience when applied to sectors such as retail, banking, transportation, & healthcare. Service design as a practice generally results in the design of systems and processes aimed at providing a holistic service to the user. This cross-disciplinary practice combines numerous skills in design, management and process engineering. Services have existed and have been organised in various forms since time immemorial. However, consciously designed services that incorporate new business models are empathetic to user needs and attempt to create new socio-economic value in society. Service design is essential in an knowledge driven economy.

By creating awareness and imparting practical knowledge, this symposium will provoke potential service design champions in relevant industries and will foster new thinking in service innovation. Featuring respected speakers who are pioneers in service design thinking and practice from several countries, the topics range from understanding service design, academic explorations & industry case studies, to younger, more experimental practices. The symposium will act as a platform for deeper understanding of how to harness design thinking as a strategy and adopting best practices in the public sector. Hosted by CIID at the Danish Architectural Centre, it is designed to be a small, intimate event providing an opportunity to meet talented thinkers and practitioners.

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