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Privacy aware smart surroundings

Lezing door Dr. Maria Lijding, Distributed and Embedded Systems group, University of Twente (Technical project manager of the Smart Surroundings project)

Van 19:00 Tot 22:00
Auditorium Gaston Eyskens (K.U. Leuven)
Lezing Nederlandstalig
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"The Smart Surroundings research program is investigating a new paradigm for bringing the flexibility of information technology to bear in every aspect of daily life. It foresees that people will be surrounded by deeply embedded and flexibly networked systems that provide easily accessible yet unobtrusive support for an open-ended range of activities, to enrich daily life and to increase productivity at work.

In order to make this vision true the Smart Surroundings not only have to be aware of the people in the environment, but also about their context and in some cases even about their intentions. Without a privacy aware architecture these surroundings, which are meant to help us and make our live easier and more pleasant, may turn into a nightmare. In this talk I will provide a motivation for making privacy an important design issue of a smart surroundings architecture and show means to achieve such a privacy aware environment."

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