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DdUX: Design for digital User eXperience

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ASIS&T Euro IA Summit


21-09-2007 09:25 tot
22-09-2007 16:25
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"We welcome innovative, exciting, and unexpected takes on the theme, so if you feel you have a contribution to make, please submit!

The organising committee seeks proposals for several kinds of contribution:

  • Presentations - talks that discuss principles and ideas, or provide insightful analogies and thought-provoking explorations to open the minds of information architects.
  • Case Studies - specific examples showing the use of IA in (almost) completed projects.
  • Panels - differing opinions and discussion on the topics of the day lead by a moderator.
  • Posters - illustrating a concept from research or practice

Who should participate:

  • Anyone concerned with the design of navigation, organization, labeling, and search systems that help people find and manage information more successfully.
  • Librarians, webmasters, and content owners responsible for creating taxonomies and information architectures.
  • Application Developers who design web and software solutions and select the technologies and staff to support them.
  • Project and business managers needing to understand the benefits and challenges of information architectures in electronic information spaces."

’Translating Information Architecture’ wordt gesponsord door de American Society for Information Science and Technology.

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